Global Yuasa

Cyclic Use

- Portable Various Equipment
- Medical Instruments
- Cameras & Photographic Equipment
- Portable Digital Instruments
- Personal Computers
- Computer Memory Systems
-Powered Toys
-Lighting Equipment

Standby Use
- Security Alarm Systems
- Fire Alarm Systems
- Computer Back-ups
- Emergency Lighting
- UPS Systems
- Communication Equipment
- OA/FA/HA Equipment

Service Life
Cyclic Life

There are a number of factors that effect the length of cyclic life of ES battery. Major factors are the ambient operating temperature, the discharge rate, the depth of discharge and the manner in which the battery is recharged, of which the most important factor is the depth of discharge. Figure 5 shows the effects of depth of discharge on cyclic life.

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The relation between the expected number of cycles and the depth of discharge is apparent. If a longer cyclic life is required at a given discharge rate, it is advisable that you select a battery with larger capacity. At a given discharge rate and time, the shallower the depth of discharge, the longer is the cyclic life.

Global Yuasa Range

Global Yuasa Full Range

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