• Complete range of starting & Deep cycle batteries for on board domestics.
  • Very thick, strong positive plates
  • Heavy deep cycle batteries
  • Maintenance free but not maintenance impossible
  • Specially made for marine & R.V. use
  • Anti-spill venting system
  • Ideal for inverters & solar charging
  • Strong carry handle
It all starts with the plates

Dyno’s vertically integrated manufacturing philosophy leaves nothing to chance. Raw materials are formulated to our specifications so that we know exactly what you’re getting. Grids are cast and cured before heading to our pasting operation. The pasted plates are again cured before being allowed to the assembly plant.

You’ll find that Dyno’s plates tend toward the “heavier” side. One deep cycle line of batteries are subject to deep discharge where plate erosion is substantial. To solve this problem, Dyno uses high density oxide to create a stronger cohesive bond of the active material which aids in the deep cycle application.

Dyno’s casting operation ensures consistent material quality for plates made to our own specifications. All new components assure you of the best performance you’ve come to expect

State of the art assembly methods and automation are employed to assure consistent quality and low cost.

Dyno innovation is well documented in bringing automated heat sealing into the production line. The first such machine (picture below) increases throughput, improves the quality of the seal by eliminating the industries’ old inefficient traditional sealing method.
Dyno Range
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