Please note this information is general battery care for specific care of your battery please go to applications.

Why its important to care for you batteries.

To help better understand the importance of the batteries contribution to your equipments performance, we've prepared this section of the site to assist in getting the most out of your system.

No vehicle performs full potential without a properly working fuel system; in your buggie, wheelchair or scooter, your batteries are your fuel tank!

How to prolong the life of your battery.
1 - When you first install your new battery, place it on charge for at least 24 hours.
2 - Always keep your battery on trickle charge between uses.
3 - If your vehicle is stored for any length of time, firstly charge fully then disconnect your batteries.

Battery technology has changed conciderably over recent years. Wheelchair batteries today, especially gell/sealed batteries, offer more power for their size and provide longer performance.
- Try wherever possible to fully cycle your battery before charging and then fully charge
before re-use.
- Always use the correct charging system for the batteries in use. Never use automotive chargers on Gell batteries.

- Never completly discharge your battery.

Batteries can be hazardous. All batteries, wet, sealed and gell units contain lead and sulphuric acid, both are highly toxic and sulphuric acid is highly corrosive. When batteries are in the process of charging, hydrogen gas, which is flammable and explosive is given off therefore proper handling is necessary at all times.
Batteries must be properly dispose of at approved recycling points.


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