arial platform
A complete range of deep cycle heavy-duty batteries for all types of aerial platform application, including tubular two volt and six volt products
marine and leisure
We offer a complete range of wet, gel, dry or sealed batteries for all types of engine starting and domestic applications for both marine and leisure activities.
All agricultural applications catered for including Electric fencing, engine starting, standy power etc
Top quality starting batteries from Ducellier cover this very demanding sector of the market, Maintainance free heavy-duty batteries from the worlds top manufacturer.
Sealed lead acid from Global Yuasa, gel batteries from Sonnenschein and Exide Technologies to fit all types of scooters and disabled equipment.
floor machines
All types of deep cycle wet and Gel batteries available from the worlds leading manufacturers for both American and European machines. Including two-volt cells, battery boxes and chargers.
golf and utility
We hold in stock a comprehensive range, covering all types of golf trolley and golf utility electric vehicles Sealed lead acid and gel batteries from Global Yuasa and Sonnenschein, Dyno etc
Batteries from Global Yuasa, Ducellier, Exide and other well-known brands. Maintenance free, 2,3 &4 year warranty available all at competitive prices.
motor cycle
All types of motorcycle batteries catered for including vintage models. Both sealed and wet battery types available from stock from Exide, Varta & others.
kids toys
Sealed recharable batteries of all types are available ex stock to cover this market sector.
alarm & security
Global & Yuasa batteries available in all sizes from this world-class quality manufacturer
stand by power
All types of batteries for all types of systems catered for including nickel cadmium sealed lead acid, etc.

consumer, dry cell batteries & torches.
Zinc chloride, Zinc carbon, Nickel cadmium, Lithium & other types of dry cell batteries and torches available including solar panels, solar chargers etc.
battery chargers
& testing equipment
We hold a complete range of voltmeters, capacity testers, hydrometers, safety equipment etc for testing all types of batteries. Bench and portable chargers are available for most types of application
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